Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Do you teach any in-person classes?

Yes! If you're based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Allison is teaching a designing with Squarespace class hosted by SkillPop. You can take a look at that class here. If you're not in Charlotte but would still like to get trained in design and Squarespace, you can take a look at Sealevel's training options on our services page here.

+ How do I book through you?

Schedule a free consultation call here. Or if you're ready to book a service with Sealevel Agency, you can request a booking by clicking here and choosing the service you'd like to request.

+ How many clients do you take at a time?

We're extremely selective with how many people we work with and when. That's because we work around the clock to build your exquisite website. If you'd like to become a new client, we'll find a time that works for both of us to get it done.

+ How are your prices determined?

We work around the clock building your exquisite website. Instead of charging by the hour or charging for revisions, we offer a set project cost so we can work as many hours as we need to without gauging our clients. You’ll never have to worry about hidden fees and paying for things that should always come included (imagine paying extra for WiFi in hotel rooms?!). Our fees are set to accommodate our clients budget and business, and the designers who are working enthusiastically and tirelessly to build your site. As fellow entrepreneurs, we have your back.

+How does this work, exactly?

Here's the process: first, you'll send a booking request for the service you'd like from our Pricing and Services page. Once Sealevel receives your request, we'll reach out to schedule your first discovery call. During that call, we'll talk about your business, your personality, all your branding guidelines and everything your website needs. We'll schedule a two week (or longer) period where Sealevel will have your and only your website to work on. To hold your place in our calendar, you'll make a 50% deposit and submit all your branding materials and anything else we discussed on the call. If those things aren't submitted by the time your allotted two weeks start, you forfeit your space.

+I'm a client, how do I pay?

You should have received a welcome email with your new client information where payment options are listed. If you didn't receive that or need it again, email for a new one.

+Are there payment plans available?

There are not currently payment plans available. You can pay in increments of as much as you like until your site is completed but all payments need to be made by the time your website is completed. Final work won't be turned over until all payments have been made.

+How long does it take to build a custom site?

Depends on your business and your needs in a website. We can have your site finished in as little as two weeks. We decide on the amount of time it'll take to complete your site ahead of time. That's determined by your first discovery call that we'll have before we get started.

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