Pricing and Services with Sealevel Agency

Sealevel offers services ranging from strategy sessions, fully custom websites, and project management.


Find what works for you.

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Strategy Sessions

Creative Strategy starting at $297

A website builds a physical and creative framework for the rest of your business. We’ll get on two 1-hour Skype sessions to strategize exactly how to build that framework and allow your creativity to shine through. You’ll get a recording of the calls, plus 5 action steps to take after each call and a workbook to guide you through them. Those actions steps and workbooks will be completely customized to you and your business and will reflect what was discussed on the calls.

We’ll walk through your business and personality, discover who your ideal client might be, and develop a strategy for you to be able to build yourself an exquisite website.

Conversions Diagnostics starting at $197

Your website isn’t converting and you can’t figure out why. Maybe your site isn’t reflecting your business and personality and customers aren’t getting the message.

We’ll sit down for one 1-hour Skype sessions to break down all the subtle and not-so-subtle changes you can make to drive conversions and turn viewers to buyers in just a few steps. You’ll get a recording of the call, five action steps to change in your website right now, plus a workbook to guide you through the process after the call.

Fully Custom Squarespace Site

Get a Fully Custom Squarespace Site starting at $2,997

A Sealevel Designer will take your site from start to finish. After we build you an exquisite website, we’ll spend an hour on the phone to walk you through everything you need to know so you never have to call us again.

You’ll never have to spend an exorbitant amount of money going back and forth with a developer. Once your site is exquisite, you’ll be armed with everything you need so you won’t need Sealevel anymore.

This is for you if you’re ready to take your business seriously. You have a logo, content and photos ready to go. Non-serious candidates need not apply.

Website Project Management

Hire a project manager starting at $8,997

We’ll schedule your photographers, get your logo designed for you, write your copy, create your opt-in, design a digital strategy, and take the entire project off your plate – including putting it all together in an exquisite website.

A website require a lot of elements to make it work. Photos, logos, brand strategy, content, sales copy, opt in offers, the list goes on forever.

If you don’t have any of these things already prepared, Sealevel Agency will take your website project off your to-do list completely.

We’re your art director, coach, planner, assistant, strategist, designer, and developer for all things online presence. Your brain space needs to go to your business, not to getting your website together.


Sealevel’s Availability is Limited.


Sealevel is highly selective with the number of clients we take on at a time so we can focus all our energy on you. That limits the amount of clients we take on each year and we like it like that.

Our availability is extremely limited. Get in touch now to make sure you get the exquisite website you deserve.


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