Our mission and the Sealevel Advantage

Why we bother in the first place and how you have an unfair advantage with Sealevel Agency.


Sealevel is:

  1. Recruiting an army of economically, politically, and socially aware traveling online business owners.

  2. Opening up the possibilities of a location independent lifestyle for anyone who’s willing to work for it.

  3. Proving you right and your parents/friends/colleagues/check out person at the grocery store wrong.

That dream you’ve let percolate for years – you’re ready to make it happen and we’re ready to build your website, guide you to put your best online foot forward, and of course, pass along the Sealevel Advantage.


Something happens when you're high above or far below sea level.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 3.44.23 PM.png

Maybe it's in the moment you finally pop your ears; maybe it's the journey of the ascent or descent; maybe it's the change in perspective, the new vantage point that lets you see the bigger picture.

Whatever it is, it allows your head and your heart to align. There's a deep sense of clarity and awareness of what must come next.

When you're in this place, mentally and physically, you have an unfair advantage. You have what no one else does: clarity, and, even more important for your business, courage.

I call it the Sealevel Advantage.

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When you work with Sealevel Agency, you're backed by the Sealevel Advantage.

Your designer is traveling all over the world, coffee and laptop in hand and WiFi enabled, ready to build you an exquisite site from where she sits – high above sea level.

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But she's not just going to build you an exquisite site. She's going to share with you the Sealevel Advantage.

In just the three weeks that it takes to build your new site, your designer will give you everything you need in your new business and what no one else has – clarity and courage.